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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Killer Question

Had a most relaxing, chatty evening with Tenchu last night. Going home, I offered to drop him off at his aunt’s place in Cainta since it’s on the way to Marikina. At 3:30am I’d rather see him off safely at the gate of his aunt’s than at some jeepney stop.

On the way we were talking about random subjects in between comfortable silence. When I turned into the village gate, Tenchu asked, quite innocently and matter-of-factly, “Hey, have you heard of this serial killer? Is it true?”

Suddenly I noticed that the streets in his aunt’s village were dimly lit, and that there was little activity save for a stray tricycle or two.

He continued: “The killings daw started in Antipolo.” He then mentioned for me to turn right on the first street.

“Then his next victims were in Cainta—”

A street that was quiet and dark and deserted.

And in Cainta.

“—and now they’re saying he’s in Marikina.”

Which means his next victim will be someone from Marikina.


Had Tenchu reached for his pocket—any pocket—at that point, I would have squealed like a little girl.


palma tayona said...

...magandang sound efect habang nagmamaneho ka eh yung knife-in-the-bathroom scene sa PSYCHO. hehehe...

by the way, have you come across this very juicy blogsite? this is what happens to a gay love affair gone wrong. ang tindeh ng mudslingings. whew!!!!

artistmonk said...


Well, I've heard about the "psycho killer" too. There are xeroxed posters all over the subdivision. And then I heard from someone that the NBI investigated the matter and it turned out those posters were a hoax.

Pero still... scary ha! But then again, serial killers sa Pilipinas??? They can't exist... masyadong tsismoso ang pinoy. Just look at the kapitbahay who often checks out other neighbors... :D

joelmcvie said...

@PALMA TAYONA: Yes, I've read that blog. I'm curious to know just how much is plain fact and how much is exaggerated upon hindsight. =)

cant_u_read said...

ako siguro hinimatay na right then and there.