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Monday, March 10, 2008

Goodbye “Gossip Girl”

You are sooo yesterday. Say hello to the newest GG, the Gucci Gang!

Yes folks, the hottest buzz on and off the Internet is the dishy, dirty demolition derby that is

For those who don’t have the time to wade through tons of trash, here’s the Reader’s Digest version about the blog: Australian Brian Gorrell fell for Pinoy DJ Montano who became his boyfriend. According to Brian, DJ siphoned money—lots of money—off him. Now that Brian’s back in Australia, he’s insisting that DJ pay back the money he owes Brian. Otherwise, Brian continues to dish out the dirt on DJ and his circle of friends called the “Gucci Gang”. And what dirt! Warning: the blog is so addicting, so don’t click here if you aren’t ready to waste hours wading through deep shit.

I don’t know anyone of the cast of characters. I don’t belong to that social circle. If the blog’s contents are true for most parts, then it’s a fascinating glimpse not only of the behavior of the people mentioned on the blog but also of the readers as well.

I wonder:

[1] In the blog, how much are cold hard facts, how much is fiery exaggeration, and how much are anger-fueled impressions?
[2] It’s amazing how much people can tear down a person’s character under the cloak of anonymity. The comments pages remind me of the audience at a Roman coliseum with their thumbs down.
[3] If justice—or his money back—is Brian’s goal, is public airing of dirty laundry the only recourse he has? And will anyone in DJ’s shoes actually give back the money if this was done to them?
[4] Why drag everyone in the Gucci Gang down? Was it a group effort to milk Brian dry?
[5] What is Brian’s—and now almost every other anonymous contributor—reason for tearing down each and every one of the Gucci Gang? Is it because they’re bad people? That their bad habits should be exposed?
[6] What I find most disturbing—especially in the comments pages—is that “freedom of speech” is not an automatic license to speak ill of anyone just like that. Sure, everybody also has the right to answer back any allegation made against them. But as much as the blogsphere can be a tool to expose shameless, immoral actions of spoiled rich brats as well as graft and corruption of high level officials, it can also be just as effective a tool in destroying the reputation of (possibly) innocent people. Imagine how torturous an experience it could be for an innocent to have his name and reputation mangled online.
[7] And then what? Where is the blog headed? How far is it going to escalate in its dirt-dishing? And how is it all going to end? Remember, karma does not choose sides.

I have to admit though, the blog is as fascinating and compelling to watch as a train wreck in slow-mo. It appeals to that part of us that wants to peep under the covers of a roadside accident to gawk at the bloodied mess left behind. You can’t tear your eyes off that mangled limb sticking out of the body bag.

Man, if that blog were an actual teleserye it would have beaten the original and the current “Marimar” hands down. If they made it into a movie, the title will definitely be There Will Be Blood.


cant_u_read said...

friend, remember dan in a pic with the BKK Love Story Guy?

And remember Dan with Coco Martin in yet another pic?

Itanong mo kay Dan kung ano naman ang kinalaman nya sa isa sa mga pics sa Gucci Gang expose na yan!


ika said...

sounds like extortion but oh well.

joelmcvie said...

@RYE: Hu-whaaaaaaaaaat?!

@DAN: (kung nagbabasa ka nito) HOY DAN?! ANUNANEH?! Quick, spill the beans! LOL

@IKA: I think Brian must have assessed the situation he's in and concluded that public humiliation is his only way. At this point I'm beginning to wonder whether Brian wants to get his money back or just get even.

Nelson said...

Grabe sa over ang pagka-sordid ng blog ha! Di ko kayang gawin yung ginagawa ni Brian!

I have a feeling that it's beyond money ang gustong ibalik ni Brian -- I would guess dignity? Self-respect? Ok, bumalik man ang pera ni Brian, what would that accomplish? His peace of mind?

Yes I am disgusted with Manila's spoiled rich brats, but I am also concerned that the expose his already bordering on hysterical desperation. Di ko tuloy alam kung maaawa ako o magagalit. Hmmm....

Ayan tuloy I spent an hour reading the sordid accounts instead of doing work! Kaka-adik ha!

Mugen said...

Those were the same questions I asked myself after writing a lengthy entry about the GG Story.

Cofradia said...

the blog raised a lot of questions about internet freedom and the issue of censorship.

How far do we want the internet to be censored?

Remember Project Gutenberg? In a way, they are related.