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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Can I Just Say, “OMG!”?

I got this online test from Tristan Tales.

I had a bit of a problem while taking the test because it asks one to choose between two lists—but often I find myself agreeing to a lot of things on both lists, so I really had a hard time choosing. And when the results were in, I thought, “Hmmm, it sounds kinda generic, seems nothing new to me.”

The test pegged me as a “Groundbreaker Thinker” and it described me in three categories: general type or description, in work, and in love.

So I clicked on the results on “Love” and gasped.

* * * * *

The Groundbreaker Thinker In Love

A charmer like you rarely has a problem flirting, but because you are so demanding and particular, it still takes quite a while until you are interested in a partner and push things past the non-committal chitchat. After all, you are not one to spontaneously settle on one single person too soon—you are too afraid that you might miss too many other attractive options in doing so!

Besides, you secretly have a very clear picture of the ideal relationship in your heart, and you diligently measure all eligible partners by that. Since most of them are eliminated by their falling through the screen at the first go around, you often stay single for a relatively long time even though you are very sociable, spend lots of time among people, and have any number of contacts. You like to flirt, to have fun, to try things out, but you are only going to get involved in a serious relationship if you are totally convinced to have found your soul mate. Fortunately, your vision of a perfect relationship is admittedly a lot more realistic than one would expect because your thinking part makes sure that you don’t get permanently lost in quixotic concepts. (emphasis mine)

Your hesitation in matters of love is rooted in your pronounced inner autonomy, among other things. You enjoy having a partner with whom you can have fun in your life, but it does not occur to you to make that interdependent with your satisfaction and happiness. You don’t have to rely on a relationship in order to feel good. Your large circle of friends, and many interests, occupy you and keep boredom and loneliness from emerging. Once you have decided on a partner, it is very important for you to preserve your space within your relationship, as well. You enjoy doing things with your partner, but it is not important to you that he/she shares all of your interests or has exactly the same hobbies. You must have time to yourself anyway, so you can concentrate on your activities without having the feeling someone is looking over your shoulder. Therefore, you need a very self- confident and independent person as a partner who can also occupy him/herself on his/her own without turning into Velcro—that would get old very quickly!

* * * * *

Holy crap. =)


Mugen said...

So true with mine: Harmony-seeking Idealist.

Theo Martin said...

ako ren shet...pero sakin mas sawi..pero truness! ;)