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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Know You Guys Are Waiting For An Update

So here’s an update, courtesy of a YM conversation between McVie and NP:

NP: i know you're busy
NP: but i just read your entry about Bed last night
NP: and i am really sorry that had to happen

mcvie: ay sus wala na yun

NP: i know

mcvie: by the time i reached EDSA, i was ok na
mcvie: hahahaha

NP: but it was heartbreaking

mcvie: nah

NP: the way you wrote it

mcvie: ay, oh
mcvie: well...
mcvie: dramatic license and all, hahaha

NP: anyway, i'm glad you're fine
NP: but i just wanted to say I was sorry

mcvie: thanks, but really, no need to be sorry for me :-)

NP: and by the way, the last podcast was a hoot
NP: hearing you go "kilig" over kent is so... kilig

mcvie: me, "kilig" with kent?! hahaha
mcvie: :-)

NP: you were trying really hard
NP: not to let it be known through your voice
NP: but there was something there

mcvie: hahaha ewan ko ba
mcvie: feeling ko talaga you listeners hear what you wanna hear, HAHAHA
mcvie: :-)

NP: but anyway
NP: did you have the talk?

mcvie: yes, we're good na

NP: so is it still on?

mcvie: er, what's "on"?

NP: ummm... the thing with Kent

mcvie: well, we are seeing one another
mcvie: or going out
mcvie: or whatever they call it
mcvie: "getting to know you" and all that jazz

NP: but it's great that you're willing to try

mcvie: someone told me nga:
mcvie: "you've always been in kent's shoes with all those other guys you fell for"
mcvie: "but all of them never gave you a chance"
mcvie: "why not give kent his?"
mcvie: so my stand is, "let's see"

NP: it's going to be exciting.

mcvie: apparently for you guys, HAHAHAHAHA

NP: that Kent is one lucky boy
NP: to have you as his "mentor"
NP: hahaha. mentor daw o.

mcvie: hehehe

NP: i really hope things work out

mcvie: wag naman!

NP: anong wag? ayaw mo?

mcvie: i mean, i just hope that WHAT'S BEST will work out
mcvie: if it doesn't, you guys will blame me!
mcvie: hahahahahaha

NP: i promise i wouldn't
NP: that's a better way to put it
NP: i wish you both the best
NP: hayy
NP: i can't wait for your next entry

mcvie: it's already posted

NP: about him, i mean

mcvie: ay, no... my newest entry is not about him, hehehe
mcvie: it's about juday

NP: your fabulous friends said in the podcast that he's cute
NP: is his blog private?

mcvie: nope, i don't think so

NP: can you spare me the easter egg hunt for his name and tell me what his address is?

mcvie: sure
mcvie: oh good lord, he has a new blog entry about me


mcvie: mabasa nga

NP: lemme see!
NP: wow
NP: he dedicated a Shanice song for you

mcvie: hmmm…
mcvie: i already told him he needs to improve his editing skills
mcvie: hahahahaha
mcvie: EDITOR!

NP: uh oh
NP: red flags coming

mcvie: my dear, i was never very emotional
mcvie: or if i am, i usually hide it with humor
mcvie: so...
mcvie: bahala ka na to guess if i'm being clinical or just cynical
mcvie: WOW!
mcvie: shet
mcvie: I AM A WRITER! hahahaha
mcvie: i just made that up right now... "clinical or cynical"

NP: yes
NP: i love that

mcvie: hey, i'll ask your permission ha
mcvie: i'm gonna convert this YM conversation as a blog post
mcvie: :-D

NP: sure
NP: it deserves a post
NP: moment of brilliance right there
NP: hmm, maybe this Kent is doing you some good
NP: hahaha

mcvie: hahahaha
mcvie: oh well, we try to get brilliance wherever we can

* * * * *

(Man, I’m so self-aware, I comment on my comments!)


E said...

:-) this post is simple pero mcvie

joelmcvie said...

@E: And the "simple pero rock" comment is so you, I can actually hear it. =)

~Carrie~ said...

All the best to you and Kent, Mr McVie

Ming Meows said...

respetuhin na lang naten ang privacy ni mcvie. hindi ito pelikula.

Theo Martin said...

akala ko pa naman kukunin mo na ang kutsilyo para saksakin si terry... hehe. :)