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Sacha Guitry once said, "You can pretend to be serious, but you can't pretend to be witty." Oh yes, I'm the great pretender.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


First, the National Organization For Marriage comes out with this ad:

The reactions on YouTube come flying fast and furious, like Vin Diesel on turbo (who, come to think of it, should be renamed Vin Hi-Octane by then). The best one for me, so far? The folks at Funny Or Die did this parody, featuring Alicia Silverstone, Lance Bass, and—holy Sulu!—George Takei, among others:

“Not marching… more like a dance. They’ll dance at us.” “And it’ll be choreographed… it’ll be good.” LMAO!

And to cap this silliness off, here’s a non-related, non-gay video from one of my bestest and funniest guys on YouTube, Nigahiga:

“Your BiBimBap is getting cold!” Mwhahahaha!

Yes folks, I’m very busy these days. Haaay.


Aris said...

ang yummy naman ni nigahiga, i mean, ng bibimbap! nakaka-turn on, i mean, nakakagutom hehe! :)

palma tayona said...

Nigahiga... hahaha, he's got so much time in his hands to goof around. hahaha! i like his asian soulja boy video best. hahaha

Ming Meows said...

rainbow coalition? that's so gay hehe.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the funny or die parody is such a big laugh and really goes to show how the NOM ad is such a load of sh@t.

Theo Martin said...

masama na yata to. crash na crash ko tong batang ire. :) ang funnyyy serrano niya. :)