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Sunday, April 05, 2009

The May-December Relationship Fabcast, part two

This hilarious second part tackles Corporate Closet’s relationships (take note of the “s”), a world of yayas, the difference between Migs and Danton Remoto, and, moving to a bigger picture, relationship gaps not only of age but also of status.

Plus, a surprise guest for the Fabcast! Who? The clue is in the music credits.

Listen: (36 minutes)

Download this fabcast episode (right click and save - 33.2 MB)

Music credits:
“Keep Your Head” by the Ting Tings
“Mony Mony” by Billy Idol
“London Calling” by The Clash
“Miles Away” by Madonna


Theo Martin said...

naexercise ang mga laughing muscles ko sa kakatawa. pde na ring matulog sa wakas.

sobrang katawa yung:

"Wait...No yaya? I don't understand!"

palma tayona said...

hi joel,

i advance my apology for cross-posting this comment that i also wrote in miggs' blog. i have to say, it was very funny. i laughed at the oddball cracks you guys said but a thought just occurred to me when i've turned off my computer. i just felt i have to put my two-cents' worth into you fabcast via this comment page.



How about a substantial gap in social strata? Yun tipong, one partner is an executive earning a 6-digit monthly salary, while the other is a blue-collar, minimum wager? Again, is this a barrier to a long, lasting, and loving relationship?

— why choose to frame the questions in a manner that these differences are already posited as hindrances? why shouldn’t it be that a marked difference between two people be posited instead simply as a challenge to be overcome?

time and time again, love as an emotion never sees these differences between two people. it just comes and is “as is”. it feels. it doesn’t qualify nor does it quantify.

i figure man’s problem when it comes to loving someone is when he lets his own ego come into play. i listened to your podcast and your views display so much ego that exists in men. questions that doubt, questions that even questions the questions themselves. WE THINK TOO MUCH and as we grow older, the questions become more; and then we start to talk. talk out loud. voice our opinions. POSIT our own posits. and yet we forget one basic thing about loving. it is the SILENCE that one feels when he or she is in love. it isn't the voices that talk about love that matters. these questions are merely a support to love and when we ask too much, talk too much... we end up drowning the feeling. LOVE becomes lost in a bevy of words.

why can’t we just FEEL and let it go accordingly? why can’t we as persons, as humans just immerse ourselves in that wonderful emotion called LOVE and just throw the questions out of the window. don’t ask questions such as: is he good for me since he’s younger? or should i be with this older guy? what can i get out of him? can he give me more considering he’s older, wiser and more experienced? will my family/friends even approve of him if they see he’s twice my age (or I am twice his age)?

the more we talk, the more we drown the silence we feel in our hearts. the more we question, the more we let doubt seep into the recesses of our minds. the more we seek, the more we are lost.

i figure that one thing we have to learn as gay men, that in love… we simply have to let go and be silent. it is a precious emotion. lucky are those who feel it for they are gifted to have it. be silent. be still… be IN LOVE.


i apologize for sounding like a preacher… but i felt the podcast drowned too much in the laughter and posturing of ego-centric questions that diluted what should have been asked - how to be IN LOVE and nurture a feeling, embracing relationship with someone considering each others differences and how to create a balance.

~Carrie~ said...

Naaliw ako sa phone-in portion with London boy. :))

Lawrence Villegas said...

Hi, McVie. First episode of your Fabcast that I've listened to. Riot kayong mga bakla kayo. But very enlightening. I love the conversations.

Joaqui said...

I was laughing so hard with the yaya part and the phone in questions.

I love the teaser for part 3.. "43 minus 19"... hehehe can't wait for the third part. :)

joelmcvie said...


Masyado namang serioso, lighten up. =)

The unexamined life is not worth living, so we examine. And from your lengthy comment, it's clear you too have given love much thought. Not everyone views love the way you do. Let's allow a little diversity and a lot of uninhibited laughter. =)

closet case said...

clap clap
clap clap clap clap
*stands* clap clap clap clap clap