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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fool Me Once, Shame On You; Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me

I was going to write about my dad’s death anniversary, but then I realized I’ve been revisiting it for several years now. So I got curious and checked out the reruns of the McVie Show to see just how many times I’ve recounted the story of how my dad pulled the Father of all April Fool’s jokes on us. (See? Even the phrase “the Father of all April Fool’s jokes” is a repeat!) What I found out amazed me.

First: my dad died on 01 April 2004. Good-freakin-lord, that was five years ago. And here I am telling people that it’s my dad’s third death anniversary!

Next: I only featured it thrice in the McVie Show: last year, two years ago and almost the whole month of April 2004. Maybe that’s why I remember it as just the third death anniversary. Eeep! Pathetic.

The two years I didn’t bother mentioning my dad’s demise? One was when my mom and my aunt decided to fly back to Bohol, leaving us home alone for several weeks. The other one was when, uhmmm… errr… ahhh… I decided I’d give romance another chance. Several months later it, uhm, died. Ha! Now that was one exteeeeeeeeended April Fool’s joke played on the both of us.

I so love this day.


r-yo said...

ei! thanks for reminding. i almost forgot it's AFD! Ingat ingat...:-0

Kane said...

Have your feelings about your dad's death changed in the past 5 years? Has it become less of a joke? =)

joelmcvie said...

@KANE: Nope, it still is the Father of all April Fool's Joke, as far as I'm concerned. I'm actually proud of his comic timing; or should I attribute it to cosmic timing instead? =)

Ming Meows said...

buti na lang walang nagplay ng prank sa akin. april fools never came into my mind yesterday.