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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Heat Is On

Out of the blue on Easter Sunday, I received the following text message from itago na lang natin sa initial na V.

V: Met him first time last Friday. We were together yesterday and today. And now, for the first time since 2005, may BF na ako. Happy Easter!

Tatlong araw na pag-ibig. Now that’s fast love.

McVie: Who? Where did you meet him?

V: R*** on new G4M.



Aris said...

Pasok, Imelda P.: "Lunes, nang tayo'y magkakilala... Martes, nang tayo'y muling magkita..."

Isang linggong pag-ibig? I hope not. sayang naman ang apat na taon na paghihintay. :)

joelmcvie said...

@ARIS: Excuse me, less than one week itu! =)

Theo Martin said...

Let's bet on it.

I give them two weeks. tops.

joelmcvie said...

@THEO: Well, I have no idea who R*** is, what kind of a person he is. So to calculate the odds is difficult. =)

Anonymous said...

we don't need to eat the whole cake to know if it's good. :) let's wish them luck!

joelmcvie said...

@NARNIAN: Actually there's more to just knowing if the cake is good or not.

Tristan Tan said...

At least kilala na nya.. LOL. :) I give them two weeks.

Ming Meows said...

V....mcvie? hmmm baka ikaw lang yan Joel

Dhon said...

hey.. i am happy for them.. :)
if they are happy.. well.... i am happy for them!

Mugen said...

Sabagay, may kilala akong couples dati, nag sex lang na one night stand, when morning came, naging sila na.

E said...


Quentin X said...

The Easter bunny got him a bf? They're rooting like rabbits I take it.

RM said...

2 hours on the internet spent looking for SEB
1 hour to get ready
1 hour to travel
30 minutes to buy coffee and wait at starbucks
30 minutes of texting back and forth--"wer na u? d2 na me" "wat u wearng?" "b der in 5mins"
30 minutes of empty pleasantries
30 minutes to settle where to go-- "ikaw? may alam ka ba?" "wala eh, di kasi ako sanay pumunta sa ganun" "san ba pwede?"
3 hours to do it
1 hour to realize "pwede na 'to" "may potential"
5 minutes to seal the deal "so ano? tayo na?"

--kung ang karma nga digital na, pag-ibig pa kaya?

palma tayona said...

"kung ang karma nga digital na, pag-ibig pa kaya?"


gbic said...

to the gamblers: you guys are so funny... and wrong =)

to everyone else: thanks!

to mcvie: as promised...

v and r

gbic said...

it's our monthsary today!