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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Text Therapy

Received an SMS around lunchtime today from someone na itago na lang natin sa pangalang “Tatiana” (pramis, he chose that name for himself).

Tatiana: Hi McV. I was planning to go to Bed last night but cancelled. Mare, pang Maalaala Mo Kaya, Magpakailanman at My Big Love ang drama mo kagabi! Na-miss ko!

McVie: Hahaha! You wouldn’t know it was happening, even if you were there. Everything happened quietly. Yan talaga ang buhay ko, it’s best read for the entertainment of others, hahaha!

Tatiana: It was heartbreaking. Just strengthened my resolve to do an Elizabeth 1 and forego men and relationships/love and sex in general. It never made me happy anyway. Sometimes the heart feels like an appendix. At least an appendix you can get rid of.

McVie: Ay! How interesting. My experience just made me resolve to be more gracious at letting go, but I’ve not really given up on love. The heart is a muscle anyway. So the more it’s broken, the stronger it becomes when it heals, so that it’s easier for me to be more gracious to others.

Tatiana: Well the heart is a muscle and muscles get tougher, making it harder to penetrate. I think that’s what’s happening to me. My birthday gift to myself this year is to declare my independence from love. It shall no longer have power over me.

McVie: Wag naman! Love of country, love for family and friends, keep those. ☺

Tatiana: Madalas kasi I find myself living much better lives when I stick to reason and avoid feelings of any sort. Proven iyan. Basta utak ang pinagana ko, ang ganda ko! Pero the moment I let one ounce of feeling in, all hell breaks lose.

* * * * *

And then in the afternoon I received an SMS from Leigh.

Leigh: I hope you’re doing better today (hug). If you wanna talk, I’m just here. I hope it’s not a feeling like a dead end for you, this entire thing.

McVie: Hahaha! Actually I felt bad at first. But then my mind kicked in. That’s P, fercrissakes! He’s been pining for the longest time for some love life. Last night’s episode is teaching me a lesson on letting go and not being too attached. ☺ NAKANAMPUCHA! Hahaha! ☺

* * * * *

Thanks for the show of concern and the power hugs, guys. But as you can see, I’m fine. In fact, Tatiana is in a less hopeful state than I am.

And as for me, the first stage of the grieving process is denial, right?

(pause for effect)

Mwhahahahahahahahahaha! (evil laftir)

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Theo Martin said...

McVie, may i know what is the meaning of diaphanous? yihee.