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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Crush Course?

Of all places, it was in the restaurant where we met once that the following epiphany struck me.

Maybe the reason why we call them “crushes” is because we allow them to have power over us; just a word or a phrase, or maybe even none at all, and they can crush our egos into insignificant shards.

So how does one blunt the power our crushes have over us? I realized that the reason why our crushes can crush us is because we’re expecting something specific from them—a response of reciprocation. Lose that selfish need from us, and we end up giving without asking for anything in return.

Easier said than done. Then again, I was always a sucker for taking the road less traveled.


Anonymous said...

this reminded me of my philosophy of religion class back in college.

sa kabila ng lahat ng puedeng mangyari, ang dapat mo lang gawin ay umasa.

pure hope should be intransitive. "I hope." rather than, "I hope to/that..."

busog lang ako masyado.

mraunch said...

the other road is to go through it like a head-on collision

expect kung expect, be crushed kung be crushed.

sometimes, you have to embrace it. the pain, the joy, the frustration, the rejection--everything.

relish every moment, wallow in every emotion and in the end, thank your Higher Being that you are able to go through all of it and get out of it alive.

--just because they can crush you and even destroy you, doesnt mean they have power over you. a phoenix will always burn and die, no matter who/what/when/where brings forth the destruction, and it will also come back to life regardless of the circumstances.

Ming Meows said...

aminin! nakikilig din tayo sa mga crush naten!

joelmcvie said...

@MRAUNCH: Well, there is that "all-or-nothing, go-for-broke" approach. But if you hit your head on the wall so many times, after a while your head really hurts. =)

cant_u_read said...

ganda ng insight, kapatid! ang ganda grabe! aylaykeh!

Mugen said...

beri beri fropound!!