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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Music In My Mind

I willed myself to fall asleep as fast as I could at around one o’clock in the morning. Orlando was coding the next day, so I had to wake up at around 5:15am. Which gave me around 4 hours of sleep—not enough, since I had a session with my trainer in the morning.

I bought you drinks, I brought you flowers
I read you books and talked for hours
Every day, so many drinks
Such pretty flowers, so tell me
What have I, what have I, what have I done to deserve this?

I woke up with that Pet Shop Boys song playing in the iTunes of my mind. Looped. I tossed and turned in bed, but couldn’t turn off the tune.

Since you went away I’ve been hanging around
I’ve been wondering why I’m feeling down
You went away, it should make me feel better
But I don’t know, oh
How I’m gonna get through?

Something was bothering me. A mosquito buzzed around my right ear and I furiously waved it off.

You always wanted me to be something I wasn’t
You always wanted too much, oh, oh
Now I can do what I want to—forever
How am I gonna get through?

Bathroom, that’s it! Was it dinner, or something I ate earlier? It didn’t matter. Groggy with lack of sleep, I went to the bathroom anyway. Well, well, well, what do you know? Success! Grateful, I washed up and hurriedly went back to bed to catch as many winks as I could.

At night, the people come and go
They talk too fast, and walk too slow
Chasing time from hour to hour
I pour the drinks and crush the flowers
What have I, what have I done to deserve this?

Neil Tennant continued to drone in my head. Good lord, please let me sleep, Neil. I tried clearing my mind, but the song kept coming back. So I gave up and instead allowed the tune to play.

Soon the repeated looping in my head slowly faded and I could tell I was off to La-La Land. Ah, at last.

I never thought that I’d fall in love, love, love, love
But it grew from a simple crush, crush, crush, crush

What… the… f*ck?!

Feels like insomnia ah ah, Feels like insomnia ah ah
Feels like insomnia ah ah, Feels like insomnia ah ah

Now it was Craig David’s turn.

And I continued to toss and turn.


Anonymous said...

it's just effing catchy! i immediately downloaded it after hearing it for the first time over the radio.

the other song that had the same appeal to me is feel this by this bethani girl. hahahaha Lol.

Aris said...

ako rin, hindi makatulog kagabi. kainez noh?

ang gwapo naman ni craig sa pic. beautiful big, brown eyes and luscious lips. sigh! :)