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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


One of the technological innovations that is changing the landscape of celebrity behavior is the easy accessibility of recorded images—both still and moving—to be captured and then instantly spread to a huge number of viewers. Thanks to cellphones with cameras plus instant broad(band)casting, the awful behavior of celebrities (and those who put it in their minds that they are celebrities) can now see the light of day faster than one could say, “YouTube scandal!”

At first we only had the meltdown of Hollywood celebs to entertain us (the most recent being Christian Bale’s sound-bite worthy hissy fit). But I had faith in our local talent; true enough, they were able to rise to the occasion and catch up to their foreign counterparts.

Here an admittedly drunk Bayani Agbayani decides to taunt someone by calling him “Bakla ka!”

No sound-bite from Boyet Fajardo, the fashion designer who got insulted because the poor cashier had no idea who he is. Since I have never heard of him, most probably I’ll tick him off too if our paths ever meet. Sadly, more people will know about him—and not his designs—thanks to security cameras that actually work.

Actually anybody’s bad behavior can land on YouTube; it’s how spectacular the meltdown is that will determine if it’ll be passed around or not. But celebrity-hood has its own privileges and pitfalls. Too bad for Bayani and Boyet, there were cameras aimed at them when they behaved badly.


Pedro Penduko said...

that bayani dude, he just placed his foot in his mouth by saying "na galing din siya sa squatter". he sure does act like one here. okay, ganda! palakpakan!

and yung boyet fajardo... hmm, sino siya? having money sure does change how a person sees himself in the scheme of things. wow... wow na wow talaga.

in a perfect world, these "celebrities" should be sued for all their worth in a court of law.

Ming Meows said...

sirang plaka. I-SETTLE mo mukha mo!

E said...

Go! go! go Bayani!!! Mabuhay ang mga lasing ehehehe!!! Sasama ako sayo for 6,000 :-D eheheheh

Obviously he is pissed and drunk but all in all I have to say, he handled it pretty well...He could have went berserk and started beating the crap out of everyone.

Keep in mind that there's a reason why he went kill bill-ish on ONE particular guy (di nya dinamay ung ibang kasama at di nya tinakbuhan ung nabanga nya at umamin ng mali)....I'm sorry but I don't see anything wrong with Bayani's action....he is after all just human.

E said...

Gosh! Talk about power tripping! I think thats the problem with most homosexual in Manila, especially the feeling rich and feeling famous-they tend to look highly of themselves....It's ok to get mad but to actually ask someone to kneel down?! Hay....Boyet Fajardo I hope your love ones gets cancer.

joelmcvie said...

@E: Actually natatawa lang ako sa mga pinagsasabi ni Bayani, until he started taunting the guy "Bakla!" which was obviously derogatory in tone. Otherwise, it's the usual drunken behavior, albeit backed up by lots of money, hehehe.

@E: I believe that's the problem with most of the feeling rich and famous, regardless of whether they're homosexuals or not.

Flipping Felipe said...

"maneh..... maneh changes ebretennnng."

joelmcvie said...

@FELIPE: Akala ko tinatawag mo si Manilyn Reynes.

Brian Cua said...

here's a couple of videos for your enjoyment: