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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday Morning After Dancing My Ass Off

Having only four hours of sleep shortens my attention span. Thus, some random posts.

* * * * *

We shot the following commercial just right before Christmas 2008, on three different locations: a park in Luneta, at the steps of the National Museum, and in Quezon Institute. The shoot was marked by several spirit encounters (thanks to the fairly old locations), as well as our producer and yours truly trying to run on high heels (we wanted to test how dangerous the pair of shoes that our talent was going to wear). Damn, it’s hard to run in heels, but our talent made it look so freakin’ easy.

* * * * *

I saw the following* posted on someone’s Facebook. Haylaveth!

Can you say, “I give it three snaps and a twirl!”?!

*Thanks to Billy, I replaced the original video posted (which apparently is a shortened version) with the full version of the TV commercial.

* * * * *

Several of my friends told me variations of the same thing: “You know, if they cannot be sensitive to the feelings of others, then they should be ready for others not being sensitive to theirs.”

Okay, fine. Got it.


Ming Meows said...

shet! ganda ng commercial model

re 2nd video: hindi pala paminta si Madam Adam.

billy said...

here's the full version of the adam & eve ad:


Theo Martin said...

HAHAHAHA! Sobrang nakakatawa yung adam and eve. :)