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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Corporate Hostess

I always end up being the host in company/department parties. It happened in the first agency I worked in, then in the network I was in, and now in the agency where I’m currently employed. Last Monday night we threw a surprise party for our feisty, beloved president. Since she turned 50, our theme was Hawaii Five-O (a detective TV series back in the 60s), ergo the Hawaiian shirt.

Here we are playing a game ala-Wowowee. The guy standing on the left is our new guy in the office. He is more appealing in person than in pictures. The girls in the office are still gaga over him because he remains mysterious. Is he single? (I don’t know the answer.) Does he have a girlfriend? (I don’t know either.) Is he one of us? (Mukhang naka-Smart siya.)

Afterwards we had wine, beer and lots of picture-taking. And then came the clamor for videoke. When they took out the MagicSing, that was my cue to exit.


AJ said...

ah... siya pala yun!

naintriga kase ako dun sa last post mo.

worth the effort naman pala talagang kaintrigahan! and like many of us, im hoping he's one of us. lol!

Nelson said...

He looks familiar -- where is he from? Can you email me his name?

Chances are, I might have already known him rather thoroughly ahihihihihi!

Raymond said...

May dating nga! Nice bod! Sige, Joel, go for it, dig in and try to get more info, then let us all know. And a close-up picture of him next time, please. But a full-body shot is also fine!