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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Holy Weak

Received the following SMS this Holy Wednesday morning: FAHRENHEIT ADVISORY: The countries #1 gay hub wil b opem ds holy thursday, friday, saturday, sunday & monday! w/ the same RATE! w/d the same FUN! Tnx & c u guys…

Oh good lord, I said to myself, “country’s” not “countries” please!


Actually what I first thought of was: Wala talagang sinasanto ang F! Wala. (Nothing is sacred with F.)


josh said...

This is my first year of being exposed to blogsites like this one (mgg, miong, khalel's). Last year's holy week was only church-based, now i have the itch to be on line just to read your blogs... and im glad :) heres to a happy easter to us all! said...

uhmmm....don't u think it woud be hypocritical of them not to open on the Catholic world's holy week? I mean, the rest of the year they thrive on "kasalanan" and on holy week, mangingilin sila? At least consistent hehehe

btw, bukas din po ang club bath during those days hehehe

take your pick hahaha

pshhh... wag mo na pasakitin ang ulo mo sa grammar, di naman sila writer (yata)

on the other hand, bakla sila, so dapat smart sila. hayy naku, dapat talaga requirement sa pagiging bakla ang intelligence

joelmcvie said...

POWERBOTTOM.PH: Agreed, dapat open sila. Kaya lang naisip ko kawawa naman yung staff nila, parang taga-call center na may trabaho habang ang lahat nakabakasiyon. Actually last year nag-F din ako during Holy Week. Kagabi naman CB. Happy nga ako na may alternative to having to go all the way to Galera and spending so much and having to wade through crowds and endure slow and bad service just to be able to have sex. At least sa F & CB, convenient! Hahaha.

Sabagay hindi lahat ng staff ng F ay bading. Baka isa sa mga yun ang nag-compose ng SMS message. :-)