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Monday, April 16, 2007

The McVie Manifesto

Better known as McFesto from hereon:

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The McFesto

That’s it. I give up on Love.

I’m talking about eros or Romantic Love. I’m fine with philia or friendship, agape or self-sacrificing love, like affection for family. I’m even fine with recreational sex.

We can be friends. Or we can have sex. Or we can even have friendly sex. But that’s it for now.

I’m tired of falling for guys who don’t feel the same way about me.

And I’m tired of the very few guys who are interested in me but I’m not interested in them; Lord knows I gave them a shot, I really did.

I’m tired of hoping and wishing. As the song in Wicked goes:
“Don’t wish, don’t start.
Wishing only wounds the heart.
I wasn’t born for the rose and the pearl.
There’s a girl I know—
he loves her so.
I’m not that girl.”

I’m tired of seeing everybody else happy. I’m tired of being needy. So instead of feeling crappy, might as well stamp out that need. Make it unnecessary. Crush it. Erase it.

I’ve been programmed all my life to want what I can’t have. So time for me to reprogram. Shut down, delete files, and clean up memory.

Be happy with what is rather than what isn’t. And leave me to dance with myself.

Maybe one day, I’ll reboot the new McVie. Until then, anyone silly or stupid enough to engage the McHeart will be trashed and ejected. Nothing personal; it’s for everyone’s peace of mind.

8 comments: said...

sinigang and ampalaya for lunch?

joelmcvie said...

POWERBOTTOM.PH: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, plus AM and PM snacks. I already know how to serve ampalaya 50 ways. Napakapait, Kuya Eddie. said...

wag ganyan, pag may baklita (batang bakla) na nakabasa ng blog mo isipin, ganyan na talaga ang mundo natin. we have a responsibility to the young ones to show them that being gay in this world isnt bad; not perfect; but not bad
(seryosohin ko daw talaga?!)

sana ang mcfesto na yan ay tulad ng philippine constitution. na harapan lang ng toned, tan and tight men in military uniform eh nababago na.

furthermore, hindi bagay sa summer mag-ampalaya! ba't di ka maghalo-halo--may patikim ng kaunting kaong, kaunting gulaman, kaunting lecheflan at kaunting pinipig... Yan ang virtue ng halo-halo; patikim lang ang lahat; walang commitment sa iisang lasa!

joelmcvie said...

POWERBOTTOM.PH: Kung seseriosohin ko sandali ang latest comment mo (seriosohin daw, o!) take note that I'm all for halo-halo! The more halo, the better. Madaling matunaw, sagot sa tag-init!

Gusto ko ang comment mo re Philippine Constitution ha! I have a weakness for men in uniform, mas lalo na mga matipunong sundalo. Napapa stand-at-attention ako, hahaha.

Anonymous said...

sweet misery ang drama!..hahaha! kung saan ka masaya friend..

Note on the halo-halo:

Ang halo-halo, pag naubos mo nat't natikman ang lahat ng dapat matikman...madalas, wala nang natitira...kung meron man, yelo! Malamig at matigas. Ayaw mo mangyari yun kung kaya't oorder ka ulit ng isa pa.

Kaya sa susunod, mag halo-halo na lang sa Razon's. Pino ang yelo...nagbe-blend in. Hindi mo mararamdaman ang tigas at sakit dulot ng pag-kagat ng yelo.

Hahaha! :-)

Anonymous said...

Di ko makaya ang preceding comments but I guess my two-cents worth is this: don't trash the McHeart's potential just yet but I do think you're doing the right thing in just focusing on what you have right now. Mas madaling tanggapin ang pang-araw araw na pangyayari kesa sa mga pag-asang parang di matupad-tupad..Yun lang po..Best regards - Homie c",)

Nelson said...

aynako, let's have some drinks sa GB3 pagdating ko sa Manila in June at okrayin natin ang mga badaf couples loitering around he he he

joelmcvie said...

PAO: I must agree with you, Razon's halo-halo is da bomb!

NELSON: Funny that comment should come from you, the only Pinoy gay male I know who's legally married to a gay man, hahaha. (Dedma na yung fact na nasa Canada kayo, okey?)