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Monday, April 09, 2007

What Drives Me

Sigh. I really should avoid titles that remind me of my damaged car.

Speaking of which, people assure me that karma will get the thief in the end. Okay. But what if the reason my car was broken into and I lost my bag is because karma got back at me for spending Holy Week in unholy activities in F and CB? And when karma hits the thief, will someone else be affected by it too? What if bad karma is like energy? Energy cannot be lost; it is merely converted to another form of energy. Karma cannot be lost; it is merely converted from bad to good and vise versa.

Makes me wonder if I should take a break from scratching every time an itch develops. Or limit myself to just scratch-my-own-itch. I should ask an expert if I already qualify as a sex addict.

I’m also beginning to worry that I’m just really more interested in the hunt and the chase. Worse, I’ve been programmed since grade school to always seek challenges, but at the same time they drilled into our heads that failure is not an option. (So much for the “Try and try until you succeed” and “Learn from your mistakes” advice.) So with that kind of undue pressure, I developed a destructive pattern of running (or pining) after impossible “conquests” i.e. chasing after straight guys or hanging onto a guy who has turned me down or shows absolutely no interest in me.

With straight guys I get the challenge but I have an escape clause to avoid being called a failure: He’s straight. One cannot “fail” in a situation where there is no possibility of success. If I manage to snag a straight provincial guy (I think they only make ‘em in the provinces—Manila seems to turn them into macho dancers or hustlers), he will end up leaving me for a woman and why is that not a failure? Because as a straight guy he was built to leave me anyway, so how can one succeed when the players in the playing field are not only on different teams, they play different sports!

Convoluted thinking? It gets worse. As to the gay guys who’ve turned me down or show no interest in me: this “hoping-against-hope” is a “safe” challenge because I’m supposed to not succeed. “Not succeed” is different from “fail.” If the guy turned me down because he already has a boyfriend, then I’m not supposed to succeed because success will make me a home-wrecker (see karma, above). If he is really not that into me, then how can I “fail” at something that has near-zero possibility of me succeeding? I say “near-zero” because I allow the possibility that I can, over time, make him realize what a wonderful boyfriend I can be and he’ll change his mind about me. The possibility of that happening though is so remote that statistically it doesn’t count.

Do you have a headache at this point? Same here. I think I’m going to go raid our ref and eat ice cream now. Oh, and to anyone who takes everything I say so seriously that he’d analyze and point out mistakes in the reasoning or thinking, I say to him, chill, homie!

(Obviously the easy way out is to think this way: if there is no chance of success, then there is no challenge there in the first place. Except that I take perverse pride in hitting my head against a wall. Masochist me.)

* * * * *

Leigh thinks my market is not here in the Philippines. She says very few Pinoys really “get me.” Huh? Maybe she believes I’ll click with aliens. Maybe I should start practicing then:

[a] “McVie, phone home.” _______________
[b] “Re-mi-do-do-sol.” _______________
[c] “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to sufff-errr-iiing.” _______________
[d] “We’ve been observing your Earth. And we’d like to make a contact with you. Baby.” _______________

Identify correctly from where the abovementioned quotes came from or were inspired from. Get all four (4) quotes right and you get a chance to win a prize: a tongue licking all over your body courtesy of yours truly. Promo is for April 10, 2007 only. Females of the species are disqualified from joining. Per DTI-OuterSpace Permit No. 69, series of 2007. Lick moderately.

(Sigh. And I just said I might be turning into a sex addict.)


John said...

Multilayer yata ang posting mong ito.
Karma? iyang existentialist angst angst na yan ay pang-Manila lang. Kaya nga sa kabisayaan meron tayong barang, pausik, pikpik, etc, pang Revenge at apology.

Straight guys sa probinsya. Don't undestimate, iba na rin ang creative mentality ngayon. Bakit ba sinasabihan ang mga taga Cebu, na mag-asawa ng Bol-anon. Menage a trois (sp?). Alam ng buong bayan na kayo naman talaga at kabit lang asawa. COnjugal visitation rights.

Kung lumaki ka sa Bohol, meron kang ma-schoolmate na tagapagmana ng ka-aswangan ng family nila. You can tell who she is kasi fag-hag na siya ngayon. Ang tunay na "lumay" ay free, lasts about 2 years. Sabi ko 2 weeks is enough for me, pwedeng mild lang. Lumayon nang mga gwapo.

Sorry, i took my sleeping pills an hour ago but I wanted to write this.
take care

marcial lo said...

1) ET
2) Close Encounters of the Third Kind
3) Star Wars
4) Not a movie, I think: Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft by the Carpenters.

Anonymous said...

Hi McVie!

Terrible about what happened to Orlando, but I'm really here to try for that full body tongue licking ......

1 - ET
2 - Close Encounters of the 3rd Sex, este, Kind Pala
3. Star Wars
4. That Karen Carpenter song (?)

What do I win? What do I win? What do I win?!!!!


joelmcvie said...

JOHN: "Straight guys sa probinsya. Don't undestimate, iba na rin ang creative mentality ngayon. Bakit ba sinasabihan ang mga taga Cebu, na mag-asawa ng Bol-anon."

Oh my god, another reason why I should just pack up and plant my ass in Bohol! Hahaha.

MARCIAL LO: Very good! However, before I give you a tongue-bath, one of your answers is incomplete. Identify the right "Star Wars" episode first before you experience a one-of-a-kind sensation. ;-)

ian said...


yung sa item # 3 lang ang alam ko... Star Wars Episode 3: The Revenge of the Sith. Where Yoda tells Anakin to conquer his fear of losing Padme. Sayang... I wouldn't experience the sensation. Haha... :)

ian said...

McVie, thanks for visiting my blog. Please do link my blog to yours. I would really appreciate it. By the way, I also linked your blog to mine. Sorry if I forgot to ask permission. Thanks!

Marcial Lo said...

Was almost fooled by Ian's answer. Does it still count that I watched it again last night to check? It's actually Episode 1: Phantom Menace said...

you say sex addict like it's a bad thing

joelmcvie said...

POWERBOTTOM.PH: I think any addiction is bad. Maybe too much sex isn't going to physically harm you, but it's the lack of discipline and control that can become one's undoing. :-)

But re my post, I was just wondering out loud if I am already qualified to be called sex addict. :-)

joelmcvie said...

BENJ: Sorry but Marcial Lo beat you to it. And he was able to identify properly the Star Wars episode (1) and the title of the Carpenters' song ("Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft").

But I'm sure you have fond memories of what a McTongue Licking felt like.... Ahihihihihihihihihihi!

joelmcvie said...

MARCIAL LO: Congratulations!!! You have successfully identified all four quotes. Are you raring to claim your prize? ;-) said...

seryosohin ba? :D
of course any addiction is bad, but if you would be addicted to one thing what would it be?

joelmcvie said...

POWERBOTTOM.PH: Now that I think about it... EATING!

I looove eating! My favorite foods include hamburgers, pizzas, barbeque, fried chicken, cock, ass, nipples, ears, armpits, the nape, toes... oh no, now I'm really hungry!

Hahahaha! :-)

Marcial Lo said...

Uahu! Hahanapin ko kung kailan ako libre. Sana walang expiry. :)