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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Writers’ Block

Read from my friend Nelz ( that he’s thinking of shutting down his blog and just maintain his photography site. Part of me wishes he would continue to blog. You see, it was his blog that inspired me to put up The McVie Show in the first place.

I don’t remember now how I stumbled onto his blog, but I remember plowing through pages and pages of well written, sometimes embarrassingly honest and even graphically detailed confessions about his work, his love life, even his sexual encounters. It was a heady experience getting into the mind of a complete stranger on the net. I felt compelled to email him; we ended up exchanging kilometric emails back and forth, sometimes 5 in one day. He was the one who first suggested that I too start my own blog.

Later on I discovered other blogs as well. But I could not forget the kind of impact that Nelz’s blog had on me. With The McVie Show season one, I was trying to mimic his blog, combining honest self-confessions with “what-happened-to-me-today” topical posts, with a couple of raunchy sexcapades tossed in for titillation. But I eventually found my own voice and style. I also realized Nelz wrote better porn, hahaha!

And now, may I also mention other bloggers/LiveJournalists who make me wanna crawl into the back of the classroom in shame. Whenever I read the entries in Leigh Reyes. My Life As A Verb and hotel-boy I feel like a poseur. They have a way with words, easily turning in an elegant phrase or two in every post. Their prose is evocative yet spare and economical, truly efficient writing. Meanwhile I resort to simple similes and verbose prose. Not to mention cheap writer tricks like alliteration and rhyme (see previous sentence). Of course the two happen to be my friends, but I guess that’s why they’re my friends. Their writing makes me want to be a better writer.

(You can also access NelzOnline, My Life As A Verb, and hotel-boy thru McLinks.)


Nelson said...

JOEL: After reading this, I actually went back two or three years of my journal and read some of my entries again. I admit I was a bit shocked with the amount of sordid detail that I put in (I sometimes can't believe myself what I've written--I was like, what the hell was I thinking?), and that got me thinking that I was a different person then in a completely different head space than I am now.

You're right, I'm experiencing a sort of writer's block right now. I've recently joined this group of artists that have started a 12-week course based on a book by Julia Cameron called "The Artist's Way." It's perfect for people with all sorts of blocks, and it's supposed to guarantee unblocking and release of creative expression. We'll see. Malay mo baka masahe with happy ending lang ang kailangan ko hee hee!

Thanks for your entry. I find it ironic that I'm still avidly reading The McVie Show more than I'm writing in my own blog. I think your wit in your writing is still utterly refreshing to read. ;-)

I still don't know what to do with the site, as I barely have the time nowadays to write. Canada is also at a standstill because of the Easter weekend, so I may just use this time to catch up.

Happy Easter!!!!

joelmcvie said...

NELZ: Happy hunting Norman's eggs! (What an unchallenging task actually.) Maybe that will unblock you, hahaha!