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Monday, April 09, 2007

Still Life Goes On

Let’s take a break from all that moping and change the topic.

The advantage of being friends with a screenwriter-slash-director is that I get to brainstorm with her on her first digital movie. I was also asked if I could play the doctor in her film, but I guess my movie acting debut must be put on hold for now.

Below is the teaser trailer for Still Life, written, produced and directed by Katski Flores. The male lead, Ron Capinding, is also a dear friend of mine. The film is an official entry to Cinemalaya 2007. Good luck, Katski and company!

For now just enjoy the teaser trailer.


Anonymous said...

teaser nga! ang ganda ng cinematography and seems like the story's nice too. will look forward to seeing this.


Ritche said...

Looks good. Hope it will do the filmfest rounds overseas so I could get to see it.

josh said...

i really like the title... living life like a masterpiece

lee said...

looking forward to watch this film... teaser pa lang ang galing na...