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Sacha Guitry once said, "You can pretend to be serious, but you can't pretend to be witty." Oh yes, I'm the great pretender.
(pilot episode: 20 January 2004)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

For Prolonged Headache, Read And Then Repeat

(The following episode contains no special editorial effects. The quotes are lifted straight from their original G4M profiles. The most done to them is judicious trimming.)

* * * * *

i am a very happy go lucky persons

* * * * *

I am not a complicated dude...I just try to enjoy the smooth & groovy rides through delectable sound of enlightenment. I am a true sarcastic smart, with a huge sense of humor

* * * * *

what you see is never always what you get, judge me???... well it dependes on what you see.. but, knowing me. ??? is your creativity to look deeper, peel, whatever covers you could see coz deep within me is what makes me human, no perfect, just a real one...

and one thing.. ayoko ng mas matangkad ( im only 5'5) sakin prefer ko yung a little bit taller than me..

* * * * *

a very simple and epitome person

* * * * *

presentable nice lukin guy, toned body PAYAT PO AKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! inuulit ko TOPAKIN ako kaya kung d nyo kaya ako i handle wag n lng hehehe PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO PIC NO REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alam ko mahaba sya pero pls read muna bago mag MSG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(McVie’s note: When I read this, my ears hurt.)

* * * * *

my body is not yet develop as its appear here..pero my improvement na..almost as my pixs here..(gulo no?hehehe)

(McVie’s note: Buti alam mo!)

* * * * *

i am afraid to get old alone. Who will give me my meds? who will massage my legs and arms when arthritis comes in? who will bring me to the hospital when i have a heart attack or get a stroke? It scares me, really scares me.

* * * * *

i hate abnoxious people

(McVie’s note: At first I thought that this was perhaps a simple typographical error. Then I realized that the letter “a” is on the opposite end of the letter “o” in the qwerty keyboard.)

* * * * *

TO THE HUNKS, GORGEOUS GUYS, HOTTIES who are snobs...the bible says men were created for women. But since you're gay, you cant help but fall in love (or worst fall in lust) with someone of the same gender. WIth that, we can say you're commiting a sin. And i know we don't like that.

(McVie’s note: Huh?)

* * * * *

I likes to hang with SIMPLE PEOPLE...

(McVie’s note: And now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just go and hang myself. Maybe that will end my headache.)


Anonymous said...

bakit napapadalas ang pag-check mo ng G4M? hmm...hahaha!

anyway, those "statements" really turn me off. i'm imagining images of good-looking men with really small heads. eww!

Flash Lightbringer said...

it's like chona's back!!!... omg... hahahaha...

i know i have my slips but...

not like those!! cool =)

you really never fail to amuse me =)

joelmcvie said...

PAO: You cannot imagine how easy it was for me to compile this second batch. I just opened a forum, looked at the profiles of those in the attendees list, and bingo! In less than an hour I had about 12 to 15 entries. I remember tossing out several because they weren't as funny. Which begs the question: What kind of forum was it that drew all of these folks? Hahaha! Seeeee-cret! :-)

FLASH: Hey, no one's perfect. Even I slip often. But I would do (almost) anything to make people laugh. I'm glad the picture of Jollibee going down the escalator made your day. :-)

john said...

Napansin ko na our educational system and culture love the use of "big words" over clarity sa language. People like to impress others by using malalim words. When I went to college in another country, I had to relearn how to write. My teacher, a much cited researcher, would slash "big words" out of my paper. The mark daw of good writing is that a 12 year old can understand it.

ONAI said...

baka abnoxious meant mahilig sa abs hehe

Flash Lightbringer said...

mcvie: yeah, no one's perfect, that's right =). I just hate it when they pretend tapos sobrang show-off.

PAO: really small heads? which? hehe... it would beVERYdisappointing kung pareho... =)