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Sunday, April 08, 2007

I. Feel. So. Bad.

Last night, Saturday evening, went out to Bed. Was with J, who eventually hooked up with a friend of mine whom I’ve known since grade school. Met up with B who was with his hubby. When I got back to my car, I noticed the alarm light was blinking rapidly. Uh-oh. The doors were unlocked. Double uh-oh. My bag was missing. I double-checked, triple-checked. Missing. At least my iPod was still in the glove compartment. I think with the alarm making so much noise, the thief didn’t have the luxury of time so he grabbed the biggest loot he could get. Fuck! I started itemizing the stuff in my bag. Fuck, fuck! Then I saw how the back door lock was jimmied. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Kagabi si J may na-met na papa, si B kasama ang papa, ako papasukin ang kotse ng mangnanakaw. Kagabi si J may hada, even si P all the way in Puerto Galera ay may hada, pero I had a bag stolen, along with my cellphone charger, my iPod charger and earphones, my Madonna “The Confessions Tour” CD/DVD, important papers, and most distressingly, my external hard drive that has all my back-up files. As in all.

Pakshet talaga!

I couldn’t report it, there were no witnesses. The manong bantay-kotse first professed innocence and insisted naisahan siya. Later on when he realized I wasn’t eyeing him as a suspect, he mentioned that he saw a suspicious man in a bike hanging around my car. Yeah, right. But what can I do? What can I do? Sulk. Feel bad. Feel sorry for myself. Feel really bad. My ego is on a personal low now. Last night we were greeting each other “Happy egg hunting!” I should be hunting for my bag and the thief who stole it, and boy, am I sooo not happy. I think I’m gonna crawl into a cave now.


Ritche said...

I feel sorry for you. Is there something irreplaceable amongst those stolen? Insurance? Hope everything turns out alright. Learn from this incident and do what you can. We can't undo what's happened. Just remember that what goes around comes around. Hope you feel better soon.

Baklang AJ said...

OMG! I feel for you. mamamatay rin yang magnanakaw na yan.

kumusta naman ang bed kagabi?

J. said...

Apparently, the gods must either be sooo crazy or sooo envious. I also lost my phone on my way home, a little over just ten minutes after J. gave me his number and declared he'd like to keep in touch. Now, pffftt!!

joelmcvie said...

RITCHIE: What's irreplaceable are certain files in the external hard drive. Otherwise I think the rest are replaceable.

BAKLANG AJ: Salamat. Pero lahat naman tayo mamamatay din. Sana lang nga mauna siya. As in, now na.

J: Phones and phone numbers are easy to replace. I can get J's number very easily within today. Of course I can't text it lang nga to you, wala ka pang phone. Yun lang nga, paano naman si Miss Bulacan Sweets?

joelmcvie said...

BAKLANG AJ: Oh yeah, how was Bed? Masaya naman, hindi gaanong crowded. Pero fight pa rin ang mga gogo boys. Tapos I saw some of the usual Govt folks there, dahil nga closed ang Makati Chapter (nasa Galera daw, sabi nila). There were acquaintances from the Kapamilya station who were there too; later on I'd see one of them exchanging tongues with a guy he just met there. It seems to me that almost everyone left in pairs or in groups. Ako lang umiwing luhaan na, nanakawan pa. PAKSHET ITONG BUHAY NA 'TO!!!

Otherwise, masaya naman kagabi.

Baklang AJ said...

hahah! GayMakati goes to Galera! ay dapat pala nagpunta ako dun! kaso lang borlogs ever ang beauty ko kase kinarir ang bloghopping!

yung profile pic mo dave fabros ba yan? diba friend mo yon? diba friend mo rin si noel na jowa ni loyce na singaporean beauties na?

joelmcvie said...

BAKLANG AJ: "Di baaaaaa... ako'y tao lang na nadadarang at natutukso rin...!"

Yah, dats Dave. Mas friend ko si Dave since I knew him back in the 80s pa. I only met Noel and the Singaporean beauties thru Dave when he started his Friendster photo shoots, so mas acquaintance ko si Noel.

joelmcvie said...

BAKLANG AJ: So how come you know Dave and Noel and Loyce?

Baklang AJ said...

ay ngayon ko lang nabasa to.

nung nandito pa sila noel and loyce sa pinas, we shared a condo sa globe towers. dun ko lang rin nameet sila dave. teka, looking back, parang nagkausap na tayo dati... i think after nung photoshoot sa globe towers...