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Friday, April 20, 2007


If any of you know where I can get a hold of a DVD copy (with English subtitles, of course) of the movie Eternal Summer, please tell me right away!

It’s a 2006 Taiwanese movie whose Chinese title is Sheng xia guang nian. According to, “the plot is simple…tracking the friendship and love of its 3 main protagonists (‘best friends’ Jonathan, Shane, and Carrie) in their youth, from age 11 in a school in rural Hualian (in 1991) to age 18 (1998) to the college year in Taipei (2005), with all of their ensuing majesty, glory, anxiety, complicity, confusion, pain, angst, and a dreamy quality thrown in.”

Care ko sa dreamy quality. The following scene is enough for me to have vivid dreams for nights to come. (Haaay, I just looove Asian men!)


Nelson said...

I think this may be available in Chinatown here.... will look for it (I'll make sure may English subtitle).

Maybe while I'm at it, you could let me know other titles as well. ;-)

Nelson said...

Pabahabol: You could also try wading through the sea of pirated DVDs in Quiapo.... My former boss gave me a DVD of a Chinese homosexual love story set in Beijing, and she found it somewhere there (she only looks for "art films," thereby labelling foreign gay movies as "art films). Pero it's possible you might find a copy there.

Lyka Bergen said...

hmmm.... sexy! 'Jack-Ennis'-type first-time moment.... Asian style. Thanks for sharing!

joelmcvie said...

NELZ: Actually I was thinking more along the lines of your Quiapo suggestion. I was hoping one of the readers may have already seen copies of the movie; ayokong pumunta lang ng basta-basta, especially since now that it's SOOO frigging hot, hot, HOT! Or maybe sa Makati Cinema Square kaya?

But if you can find me an ORIGINAL DVD copy, I'm more than willing to pay for the purchase. Alam mo naman ako, original snob, hahaha!

LYKA BERGEN: "Touched for the very first time...!" Like Jack & Ennis indeed. :-)

fried_ika said...

How does shopping on the internet sound to you? Yesasia has it.

Actually, I've seen this movie na. Kaso lang on the ineternet. Winner Grabeh, must see. (Heartwarming ba yung word?)

Interesting yung development nung mga chracters.

joelmcvie said...

FRIED_IKA: While I have nothing against online shopping, I have no credit card so I'll need to use my mom's. To which she may ask me in the future, "What's this 'Endless Summer' in my billing statement?" :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG! Its showing here in Singapore on the 26th.. thanks McVie for the info.

David said...

if you don't mind downloading and if you can use torrents.. you could go search for it in (n_n)