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Sacha Guitry once said, "You can pretend to be serious, but you can't pretend to be witty." Oh yes, I'm the great pretender.
(pilot episode: 20 January 2004)

Thursday, April 19, 2007


The following news flash directly concerns Leigh, Nelz, Kervs (are you still watching this?), Xander (are you, too?) and Daniel/Daniella.

Remember Randy?

Yup, that Randy. If it took you a couple of seconds to recognize the name, I’m not surprised. For a time (around season 2?) he intrigued Nelz, irritated and made Kervs jealous, and creeped out Leigh. But then like with a one-note joke, people got tired of him. And he lurked. After a lull of more than a year, he re-emerged for a brief comment during the latter part of last year because of his mom’s death. Then silence again.

Until yesterday. What’s more, I’ve already met him. Face-to-face.

Last night we met up in Dome Café in Shangri-la Mall, Ortigas. I was expecting someone in after-gym clothes; he turned up in corporate attire, with long-sleeved white shirt, khaki pants, leather shoes, the works. He said he works in the finance department of a consumer goods manufacturing company. He works out at the Shangri-La Hotel gym, although with his outfit last night I can’t tell if there’s any effect at all on him. He was never a student of Daniel/Daniella, but he did study in the same school. And he gave another name aside from “Randy.”

And that’s it. He was asking questions one after the other like Boy Abunda; ako naman, feeling In The Actor’s Studio ang drama.

And that’s the vexing thing about Randy. He takes perverse delight in being inscrutable. I understand if one doesn’t trust strangers immediately. But there is an unwritten rule about “matinong pakikitungo” and while I was forthright with my answers, he was playing dodge-‘em the whole time. Why? I have no idea. I have theories, but they will remain unstated.

But at least there is now a face behind the name and online persona.

Hey Randy, I’m sure you’re reading this. Time to start your own blog.


Nelson said...

Nakakainis!!!! Lalo lang ako naintriga!!!! aaaaaah!!!!

To Randy -- even though we haven't met, and we may or may not know each other (you never know), a big thank you to you for posting a very nice Irish poem (blessing?) three years ago when I moved to Canada to marry Norm. ;-)

joelmcvie said...

NELZ: Do you want to meet Randy when you visit Manila later this year? :-)

Nelson said...

I'm such a cat -- I'm curious, YES OF COURSE!!! I'll probably be staying near Ortigas anyway, so it will be easier to meet him.

Maybe I should turn up in the same attire para di ako ma-OP?

I guess I need my own closure about Randy. I'd spend the rest of my life bugged by this intriguing character! ;-)

By the way -- did any gay bells ring when you met him? Just curious.

joelmcvie said...

NELZ: To be honest, I purposely shut down my gaydar that night. It didn't matter to me what Randy's sexual orientation is. For all I know, he's into dogs and corpses--hey, c'est la vie. :-)

Anonymous said...


totoong tao ka pala randy!


joelmcvie said...

XANDER: Randy actually likes your comments and sense of humor. And believe it or not, you both share this sense of being "mailap". You also prefer not to "show your hand" immediately and I've known you to give oblique answers to straight-forward questions. But you're less guarded and you know when to drop that "you-won't-get-straight-answers-from-me" attitude. That Randy is more guarded is understandable, but that doesn't make the attitude any less vexing.

Hay naku, feeling ko magkakasundo kayong dalawa.

Anonymous said...

oh joel, oh joel. again where are all this hostility coming from? I thought we parted ok... we had the same drink, i commented about how young you look for someone 41. I said your complexion was fairer in person...and I even said that your blog pics do not do justice to you. I was impressed with your intelligence, humor, candor, and biceps. =) I was really interested about you that is why I asked you so many questions - - are you saying that you were just being polite because I paid for the drink? =)

And now, I get these :

I irritated kervs? I creeped out leigh? I am a one-note joke? people got tired of me? I am like boy abunda? I am vexing? I have a perverse delight? I am not practicing "matinong pakikitungo"?
my attitude is vexing? I am being compared to Xander unfavorably?

Look at Nelz... after all my "boring posts" in the past, he only remembered the Irish Blesssing ...Look at Xander..he acknowledged that I am a "totoong tao"...

So..when is our next coffee? =)


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm. I smell something... something more than a cup of coffee.

joelmcvie said...
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joelmcvie said...

ANONYMOUS: You forgot the word "brewing" in your idiomatic expression, as in "I smell something brewing... something more than a cup of coffee."